Marvel Teases SPIDER-MEN in June 2012

Marvel Teases SPIDER-MEN in June 2012


DC Comics is dominating the day's comic book industry headlines with the Before Watchmen news, but that didn't stop Marvel from releasing an intriguing teaser image Wednesday afternoon.

The strikingly minimalist image only contains the words "Spider-Men" and "June 2012," with no other information supplied by the publisher.

We know that the "Ends of the Earth" arc, which Marvel has also been teasing this week, is starting in Amazing Spider-Man in March, so this could have something to do with the fallout of that story. Technically speaking, there are "Spider-Men" operating currently in the Marvel Universe — Peter Parker and his clone, Kaine, who's starring in the new ongoing series Scarlet Spider.

This teaser might involve Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, which shook things up in a big way last year by killing off that continuity's Peter Parker, and replacing him with new character Miles Morales. It's worth nothing that June is just one month before the live-action Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to hit theaters, and 2012 is also the 50th anniversary of the character.

Keep reading Newsarama to see if more related teasers surface, and we'll have more information as it becomes available.

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