Bendis Confirms MOON KNIGHT Ending with April's #12


Marvel's Moon Knight is ending in April with issue #12, series writer Brian Michael Bendis confirmed on his message board.

Following a solicitation found on Midtown Comics' website declaring "The Conclusion Of Marvel's Maddest Mercenary Moon Knight Is Here," Bendis clarified the status of the series.

"I am grateful we got to do our entire 12 issues," Bendis wrote. "When you get to 12 you'll see we got to tell our entire story uninterrupted which is very nice. I do wish it sold better and I do wish it was continuing with another team. But I wish that about every comic on earth."

In another post, Bendis explained that he and artist Alex Maleev were signed for a year on the book, and the plan was for them to not stay on the series beyond that. Bendis also indicated that more work on Scarlet, the creator-owned Marvel Icon series by him and Maleev, is coming.

The current Moon Knight series was first announced in October 2010 at New York Comic Con, and debuted in May 2011. This incarnation featured the hook that Moon Knight's multiple personality disorder created Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine identities that he consulted on missions.

The solicitation for Moon Knight #12 follows:


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Alex Maleev

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