Exclusive Zenescope Teaser: THE WAKING Returns (Updated)

Exclusive Zenescope Teaser: THE WAKING

Update, 1/27: And here's another teaser image from Zenescope promoting The Waking, and with it comes more information on the upcoming related project.

The Waking: Dreams End launches in April, from the team of writer Raven Gregory and artist Novo Malgapo.

"In The Waking, we established all the rules but in Dreams End, we find someone who has found a way to break those rules," Gregory said in a press release. "And now the stakes are raised to a higher level and it’s really going to mess with fan's minds."

The original series, published in 2010, depicted a world where the murdered returned from the dead and take the lives of their killers.

Original story, 1/20: Zenescope's early 2012 teaser parade continues to march on this week, this time going away from the sexy fairy tales they're most known for, and dipping into the darker side of the publisher's purview: straight-up all-out horror.

Raven Gregory's The Waking is making a return in 2012, and this creepy zombie tale's star is coming back with it, as shown in the first teaser. We'll have more images - and more actual info - on the new volume of The Waking next week.

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