Dynamite Spins-off VOLTRON with YEAR ONE Comic

Dynamite Spins-off VOLTRON with YEAR ONE

This is probably one you could have predicted. With a successful launch of the new Voltron ongoing comic book series at Dynamite Entertainment, the publisher has decided to launch a second series, this one limited, titled Voltron: Year One. The book, coming April 2012, will be written by current ongoing writer Brandon Thomas, illustrated by Craig Cermak, with covers by Admira Wijaya and Jonathan Lau.

The story will actually feature the future Voltron Force team when they were merely Space Squadron 686.

“Finally, one of the greatest (though misunderstood) characters in the entire Voltron mythos gets a chance in the spotlight, as we dig into his time leading Space Explorer Squadron #686, soon to be known as the legendary Voltron Force,” said writer Brandon Thomas in the press release. “In the fateful missions leading up to the rediscovery of Voltron, any and all burning questions will be answered---what’s the real reason Sven’s tenure piloting the Blue Lion was always destined to be a short one? What event ensured that Keith and Lance would forever be rivals? Why has Pidge always been the most dangerous member of the team? And the biggest burning question of all---did the Galaxy Alliance send this particular squad of space explorers after Voltron because they thought they would succeed or because they knew they would fail?”

Dynamite has a history of exploring multiple incarnations and moments in time of their big licensed franchises. The Green Hornet franchise saw an early Year One spin-off, amongst multiple other mini-series more deeply exploring individual characters. Likewise, Vampirella has three titles in the spring, and Bionic Man is begetting Bionic Woman this March as well.

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