Best Shots Extra: BATMAN #5 - Reviewed!

Best Shots Extra: BATMAN #5 - Reviewed!

Batman #5

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO

Lettering by Richard Starkings

Published by DC Comics

Review by Lan Pitts

'Rama Rating: 10 out of 10

Let's cut to the chase. Is Scott Snyder this generation's Denny O'Neil?

As I was reading Batman #5 it hit me that that is a possibility. Snyder's interpretation of the legendary comic icon is something that we haven't seen in decades. There is a slice of the macabre along with the usual Snyder flair here. It's been a week since Batman has been in the Court of Owls' lair, and his mind is slowly deteriorating. What follows is an accurate as you could get reflection of that dip into madness.

Snyder's narration for Bruce may come off as a bit heavy, but here it actually adds a glimpse into his tattered psyche and how he's kicked into survival mode. Snyder brings Batman down to a certain level that has been unseen since the company-wide reboot. He is a trained master of all sorts of martial arts, weaponry, and a fine-tuned detective, but is still human and has his limits. Going through the issue, you will obviously notice the page arrangement and layouts are askew, but that was 100% intentional. It gives you a bad gut feeling about what is happening to Batman and his mental state. It's creative and experimental, something I haven't experienced in a book since 's "choose your own adventure" issue. 

The art collaboration of Greg Capullo on pencils, Jonathan Glapion inking, and FCO on colors is just dynamite and everybody is on the A game here. Capullo's layouts shine and give a labyrinthine mood that puts us in Batman's position. The way Capullo shreds Batman's cape as his brain becomes less and less stable was a nice touch. There are some strong visuals here, as well. Bruce finding his parents as they aged and eventually morph into nightmarish owl creatures. The way you can see one of Batman's exposed eyes and how it becomes more and more strained over the issue is just great, too. A true vision of a man being broken. FCO's colors are softer here and everything is either black, white, or a shade of red. It makes everything look more striking, distinctive, and memorable.

Batman #5 has been a long time coming and the intensity has been building with each passing issue. The Court of Owls is still a mystery that Batman has yet to solve and us as readers are kept in the mystery, awaiting the finale. This is the best issue of the series thus far, and quite possibly, the best issue that DC has put out since the reboot.

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