Garth Ennis Writing THE SHADOW Ongoing Series for Dynamite

Garth Ennis Writing THE SHADOW

Garth Ennis has a new ongoing series at Dynamite, and it's a revival of long-running pulp hero The Shadow.

The series is scheduled to start in April, with Ennis joined by artist Aaron Campbell, who has illustrated Dynamite's Dark Shadows comic.

"The Shadow is probably the last established character I like that I haven't gotten around to writing yet, certainly on this side of the Atlantic," Garth Ennis said in the publisher's press release. "It makes a kind of bloody, bullet-riddled sense: I always had a feeling our paths would cross sooner or later."

The Shadow has been depicted in a variety of media since debuting in 1930, first in pulp magazine, then radio dramas, comics, and films, including a 1994 movie starring Alec Baldwin as the title character. Past comic books have been published by Archie, Marvel and DC, with Dynamite announcing their acquisition of the character last year.

Ennis is currently wrapping his series The Boys at Dynamite, and is returning to Marvel  with a new Fury MAX series illustrated by Goran Parlov that has yet to be publicly scheduled.

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