Rucka & Waid Team Up For Spidey/Daredevil/Punisher Crossover

Update: "The Omega Effect" is a three-part crossover between the April issues of Avenging Spider-Man, Daredevil and Punisher, Marvel revealed Thursday afternoon at their latest "Next Big Thing" press conference call.

All three issues will be written by Greg Rucka and Mark Waid, with the two co-writing Avenging Spider-Man #7, then the two writers stay on their usual books; Waid on Daredevil #11 and Rucka on Punisher #10. Each issue will be illustrated by Marco Checchetto.

The story centers on the Omega Drive currently in Daredevil's possession, which contains critical information on five of the top crime organizations in the Marvel Universe.

"He's basically trying to beat the clock, trying to find the best application for this thing, and that's when Frank Castle knocks on the door," Waid said. 

"These five organizations don't want anybody else to have it," Rucka added. "Frank's feeling is, 'I can keep it safe, and I can use it properly,' and Matt hears that, as 'I can keep it safe, and I can use it to kill a lot of people.'"

Spider-Man enters the story at the behest of Reed Richards, who tasks Spidey with getting the Omega Drive back from Daredevil. Waid says Spider-Man's role is "half a need to babysit these guys, and half watching popcorn and waiting for these two guys to collide."

For more details from the call, read our recap in the Cover It Live box below.

Original story: Marvel's week of "Next Big Thing" conference calls with the comic book press continues on Thursday at 3 p.m. eastern, and per usual, we don't have concrete details on what will be discussed or who will be on the line, but based on the art we've received, we've got a pretty strong indication.

The first promo image — with the Punisher skull, Daredevil mask and spider web — had a filename of "TheOmegaEffect," and the subsequent covers sent to the press were of upcoming Avenging Spider-Man, Daredevil and Punisher issues (click through the "related images" gallery on the right to peruse said covers). So it doesn't take an expert prognosticator to assume that a crossover between those three books, titled "The Omega Effect," might be coming in April.

We'll know for sure in just a bit, and you can follow along with every detail of the press conference directly below in the Cover it Live box:

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