Cullen Bunn Talks Newly Minted CAPTAIN AMERICA AND HAWKEYE


Update: Captain America and Bucky will now be Captain America and Hawkeye as of April issue's #629, as revealed Wednesday on Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" press conference call.

The series will actual team Captain America with a variety of characters, with the title changing appropriately on each arc. Following the intiial four-issue Hawkeye arc will be an Iron Man team-up, and a Black Widow storyline is planned for the future.

"They get under each other's skin like nobody's business," Captain America and Hawkeye writer Cullen Bunn said, comparing it to the way he gets along with his brothers. "I love them, I'd do anything for them, but man, do they irritate me sometimes."

Bunn and Secret Warriors artist Alessandro Vitti are the book's new creative team; Bunn is the regular series writer and indicated that Vitti likely will not illustrate the Iron Man arc, but the door is open for him to return to the book in the future.

"The short and simple of it is that Captain America and Hawkeye go out and fight a bunch of dinosaurs," Bunn said, describing the first arc of the series, and telling Newsarama that it's very likely either Stegron or Devil Dinosaur will play a major part in story. 

Bunn said that future team-ups will be a mix of chararacters known for teaming with Captain America and unexpected pairings, saying that his dream would be to see Cap alongside the Enigma Force.

For more details on the series, read the recap of our live coverage below.

Original story: Marvel's third "Next Big Thing" conference call with the comic book press is scheduled for 3 p.m. Wednesday, and the subject matter and individuals on the line have again yet to be revealed to reporters.

What has been shared is the image you see to the right of Captain America and Hawkeye by Gabriele Dell'Otto, recent illustrator of the Avengers and New Avengers annuals. The file name is "CAPAND629_cov," indicating that this is the cover to April's Captain America and Bucky #629, but the absence of Bucky and any word after "and" suggests a possible title change — seems kind of obvious, but Captain America and Hawkeye, maybe?

That's all just pure speculation on our part, though, and for the full scoop, follow along in the Cover It Live box below:

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