UPDATED: Marvel Reveals More AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Teasers

AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Teaser Images


Update, 1/13: The week ends with two more, presumably final, Avnegers vs. X-Men teaser images. That's 12 in total, which happens to correspond with the number of issues the series is scheduled to run — so the odds seem pretty high that these images might end up as variant covers for the series, much like Fear Itself.

The question of "which side is Wolverine — both an Avenger and an X-Man — going to be on?" could be answered with John Romita Jr.'s depiction of Logan fighting his old war buddy Captain America, but, as we've stressed all week, there is absolutely no reason to think that these teasers are a literal indication of what's going to happen in the series. (Though at least some of the fights surely will happen, and Iron Man vs. Magneto has already been confirmed for AvX: VS #1.)


Cyclops, the undisputed leader of the X-Men contingent on Utopia, is taking on the increasingly visible Hawkeye in a teaser by Esad Ribic. If Wolverine and Cyclops do indeed end up fighting on the same side in Avengers vs. X-Men, what does that mean for their recent philisophical (and geographical) split seen in X-Men: Schism and the subsequent Regenesis? Feel free to speculate wildly until Avengers vs. X-Men #1 is out on April 3.


Update, 1/12: It's a Thursday trifecta of Avengers vs. X-Men teaser images, featuring one rather natural match-up and two significantly more unique ones, hinting at what could be an unpredictable event.

The recently Juggernaut-ified Colossus is taking on New Avenger member The Thing in an image by Dale Keown, an artist who's made a career on drawing big bruisers like Hulk and Pitt. You may have played this fight out in your head in the past, but keep in mind that Piotr's gotten a major power upgrade.


Humberto Ramos presents Spider-Woman vs. Gambit; an unexpected conflict, sure, though keep in mind that Jessica Drew has pheromone powers, and Gambit has always been a charmer, so they do have that going for them.


The most head-scratching match-up yet might be Daredevil vs. Archangel by Salvador Larroca, not only because of the seemingly random pairing, but because, without getting into too spoiler-y about it, there are a lot of currently ungoing questions about the status of Warren Worthington III after the outcome of "The Dark Angel Saga." (Read an interview with Uncanny X-Force writer Rick Remender about that here.) It certainly suggests, as we've speculated earlier in the week, that these teaser images don't necessarily all depict fights that will happen during the series.

Will the week end with more teaser images on Friday? Magic 8-Ball says: "Signs point to yes."


Second update, 1/11: Wednesday afternoon means two more Avengers vs. X-Men teasers, these ones showing a little less expected match-ups than the previous teasers.

"Planet Hulk" artist Carlo Pagulayan illustrates Hulk vs. Emma Frost, who don't have too much of an established beef that we know about, but given Emma's diamond form, she's at least presenting a formidable physical challenge to the Hulkster.


Veteran artist Alan Davis contributes a Luke Cage vs. Beast piece, which also seems a bit left field, but keep in mind that, like Storm, Beast is currently both a member of the Avengers (you can see him in Secret Avengers) and the X-Men (he's currently a big part of Wolverine and the X-Men). Whether or not this image has any actual storyline implications remains to be seen.

More updates to come later this week? It's a safe bet — who will we see Wolverine matched up against, for instance? — so check back here on Thursday.


Update 1/11: Here's a Newsarama-exclusive look at one of the match-ups from Marvel's upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men limited series event, this one featuring Ms. Marvel vs. Rogue — a rivalry dating back to 1981's Avengers Annual #10 — with art by J. Scott Campbell.


Update, 1/10: As expected, Tuesday brings two new Avengers vs. X-Men teaser images, by two more of Marvel's top artists.

Mark Bagley, the artist of more than 100 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man and years of Amazing Spider-Man before that, renders a collision between Spidey and one of his amazing friends, Iceman.


Storm vs. Thor is captured by Olivier Coipel, who has twice relaunched Thor (in 2007 and 2011) and is one of the three artists of the main 12-part Avengers vs. X-Men series. It's worth nothing that Storm is not only a long-time X-Men team member, but recently joined the Avengers in recent issues of the main Avengers series. This series would seem to indicate that she's taking the side of her mutant brethren in Avengers vs. X-Men, but past Marvel teasers have proven to be not necessarily literal.

Keep an eye on this space all week for more AvX teasers as they come.


Original story, 1/9: Marvel's ramping up their Avengers vs. X-Men promotion with a new series of teaser images debuting Monday afternoon, each one showcasing a match-up that looks likely to take place within the April-debuting 12-part series.

The first two highlight Iron Man vs. Magneto (illustrated by Iron Man: Extremis artist Adi Granov) and Black Widow vs. Psylocke (illustrated by Secret Invasion artist Leinil Francis Yu). (Both of which we wrote about in our "10 AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Match-Ups We Want to See" countdown last month, though the latter was under the "Secret Avengers vs. Uncanny X-Force" umbrella.)


We're going to go ahead and guess this will be a week-long series type thing, so keep checking this space for more images as they debut.

Avengers vs. X-Men was first announced in December, from the rotating creative team of Marvel "Architect" writers Jonathan Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman, plus artists Olivier Coipel, Adam Kubert and John Romita Jr. On Friday, Marvel announced the only satellite title that will launch in conjunction with the event, AvX: VS, a "fight book" intended to give more space to the most anticipated conflicts of the series — and one with Magneto vs. Iron Man in the first issue.

Also, the Marvel press release confiremd that Romita will be illustrating the first issue of Avengers vs. X-Men, out April 3:





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