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Another year come and gone. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve fan-raged. Now it’s time to look back and see what made 2011 so memorable (or not so memorable, as the case may be).

A lot happened this year and to be fair, I have a terrible memory so I’m surprised I remembered this much of it. But it has been a fairly busy year in geekdom so it’s only appropriate that I take a look back and what took place just like everyone else on the Internet. And well, enjoy it while it lasts because if the Mayan Calendar is right, this may be my last chance to write an end of the year list. 

WOMANTHOLOGY: An Indie Sensation
WOMANTHOLOGY: An Indie Sensation

Women in Comics – This list isn’t in any particular order but the first thing that came to mind when thinking back on the past year was what a loud noise was made about women in comics. However you read that, whether it be women working in comics, female characters, etc., it was a hot button topic in 2011. Kryax2 made sure everyone was aware just how many women creators where working on DC’s relaunch at a panel in San Diego and unfortunately, it wasn’t as many as we’d hoped. Though Womanthology, spearheaded by Renae De Liz, became one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time and garnered support far and wide for the all-female created anthology. And no matter how many times they were told to shut up, women kept writing and talking about how female characters are represented at DC and Marvel. As one of those women I can tell you, we’re not done yet. Keep an eye out for the blog carnival in 2012.

Green Lantern/Wonder Woman – I always see so much potential in our favorite comic properties, so it’s sad when they go awry. Sadly, that’s what happened with two of the biggest names in comics this year. Both Green Lantern and Wonder Woman had high-profile projects that wound up doing far worse than expected or hoped. Green Lantern was an ok film but certainly wasn’t the Batman Begins-type blockbuster DC was hoping for and David E. Kelly’s Wonder Woman pilot was so bad it never even made it to TV. I was sad about one and happy about the other. Can you guess which is which?

Portal 2 - If I’d actually had time to play Batman: Arkham City I might be talking about that instead but I haven’t, so I’m not. Portal 2 was my favorite game of the year. It exceeded my expectations in replicating the fun of the original and added some fun new characters and sayings to my pop-culture vocabulary.

Smallville – The long-running television series that gave us a new look at the Superman mythos finally wrapped it’s run this year. I didn’t watch from the beginning but it was interesting once they started utilizing more of the DCU. Still wish they’d given us the full Monty though. 


Game of Thrones - More like Game of Woah, amirite? I still can’t comprehend how I missed out on George R.R. Martin’s book series until it became an HBO show this year. But it took all of about 10 minutes of episode one to make me fall in love with it. I’m completely obsessed now, in the middle of book three and dressed as the character Daenerys (complete with bloody horse heart) at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Did I mention I got to meet Martin while in costume? Highlight not of my year, but of my life.

Conventions – Speaking of conventions, my schedule was full of them this past year. I attended C2E2, WonderCon, SDCC and NYCC. I know many comic journalists wind up going to a lot more than that but it was a lot for me. And a lot of fun. I think my favorite was WonderCon. Plus I got to meet our new Superman, Henry Cavill!

Harry Potter - Sniffle. We already saw the end to J.K. Rowling’s series on paper but this year brought the end of it on film. I was a wreck in the theater but I swear, I get misty whenever someone puts together a montage of those kids growing up. What do I look forward to now??

DC’s New 52 - There was this tiny thing that happened in the comics world in 2011. You might have heard of it. DC’s New 52 shocked and awed, well, pretty much everyone. There have been bumps in the road for sure but one thing I’m thankful for is that overall, things aren’t so different that they feel foreign. These are still basically the characters we always enjoyed. Yes, I have some serious issues with a few of their changes but I’m still reading comics and that was probably my worst fear of the entire relaunch.

Oracle - Yup. Still loving Barbara Gordon as Oracle over Batgirl. (Although I am enjoying Gail Simone’s run so far.)

Dwayne McDuffie - We lost Dwayne McDuffie early in the year but I’ve thought about him quite often since. I met him for the first time just a week before he passed and it was a terrible shock for everyone to lose the talented creator. The comic world is less without him. Unfortunately, we also lost two legendary creators Joe Simon and Jerry Robinson this year as well. Remember, appreciate creators NOW. 


Marvel Films - Although Green Lantern and Wonder Woman were a cause of much fan strife, Marvel managed to hit it out of the park with not one, not two but THREE comic films this year. Thor, Captain America and X-Men: First Class all managed to wow audiences and give hope for the next round of Marvel films in 2012.

Netflix - Boy did they screw up this year or what? Their huge price hike combined with the creation of the DVD-only Qwikster (which was scrapped almost as ‘qwik’ly as it was created) left them with one million less subscribers. I’m still with them, but I downgraded to streaming only and barely miss the DVDs.

Buffy Turned 30 - One of my favorite characters since the original film in 1992, Buffy had a huge landmark this year. Her Season 8 comic had its finale and she turned 30. Which is weird because I remember being around the same age as Buffy when the television show was on. Oh god…

Those are just some of the biggest moments for fanboys and fangirls this year. What were your highlights/lowlights? What are you most excited for come 2012?

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