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Hey, That


You know by now that I love Batman. To a ridiculous degree. But did you also know I have a thing for Christian Bale? That may sound silly and/or obvious considering he’s a handsome Hollywood actor who lots of women probably have a “thing” for but my affection for him goes way back. To Newsies.

It’s probably something Bale wishes he could wipe from his IMDb page but no, it’s there. Forever. The Disney musical about the New York newsboy strike of 1899 with the actor in the starring role of Jack Kelly struck a particular nerve with my 10-year-old self. So much so that I followed Bale’s later roles with detailed interest. When he was cast as Laurie in Little Women, I died. When he took on Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, I cried. And as much as I wanted to send him condolences flowers after Reign of Fire I wanted to plant a big sloppy kiss on him when I found out he was cast as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. And not just because it would fulfill a livelong dream of mine.


The funny thing about my strange obsession with Bale is that over the course of the last few years I’ve discovered many women my age who feel the same exact way about him and have that same love for Newsies. So needless to say, when The Dark Knight Rises trailer premiered I had trouble containing myself. I love Batman, I love Bale and this is their last ride together. Although I’m crazy about Bale, he’s not my favorite Batman (that honor goes to Michael Keaton). But no one can say he hasn’t created a memorable role. If for some reason you haven’t yet watched the trailer, do that now and then read on for the thoughts that ran through my head when I watched.


We open with the giant stadium scene they needed a ridiculous amount of extras for. What’s that? A fan in the audience is holding up the letter “R” in a Gotham Rogues sign and it just happens to look exactly like the “R” used for Robin’s titles in the comics?! A lot of people have jumped to assuming this means Robin really is in The Dark Knight Rises even though Nolan said he’d never use him. (Though I’m still hoping against all hope that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is secretly playing Dick Grayson.) I think it’s just a really cool Easter Egg that may or may not have been planted by the actual production.

Bane is climbing the stairs, everyone! Bane is climbing the stairs!

OK, so Alfred gives Bruce a really serious talk about how he feels he’s failed as Bruce’s protector. Throw in the towel. I’m done. I’ll probably be weeping like a baby in the theater at this scene. Michael Cane, while he may not be my exact vision of Alfred, has certainly done a great job in the role and has the serious acting chops to make this conversation truly gut-wrenching.

Oh snap, new characters are gossiping about Commissioner Gordon. Not cool dudes, not cool.

FANGIRL HYPERVENTALATION WARNING: OK, OK, here’s Selina Kyle. And she’s dancing with Bruce Wayne. And she’s wearing a mask and some sort of cat-like ear things.

Bane is walking everyone! Bane is walking!


OK, back to Selina. There’s a quick shot of Anne Hathaway fixing a pearl necklace on herself. Someone has put together a series of stills from Batman Begins and this shot, comparing the necklace Selina has on with the one Bruce’s father gave his mother. Now, their murderer definitely grabs at Martha’s necklace in the film and it appears to break, although we don’t get the iconic pearls strewn on the ground like in many other incarnations. Could this be the same necklace? Could Bruce have had the necklace repaired? Did he give it to Selina because they are in an actual relationship in the film or did she steal it? Or, you know, pretty much all pearl necklaces look like that.

That’s...that’s a lot of stairs.

Meanwhile, back at the stadium, a wide receiver has just pooped his pants. Seriously. I would have. What an amazing visual though. Bravo to Nolan’s crew.

Bane is talking everyone! Bane is talking! I know some folks are having issues deciphering what he says but I understood it the first time. It may prove more difficult at other times but I really like the way he sounds.


AAAAAHHHH IT’S TALIA AL GHUL!!! I mean, Marion Cottilard playing some other woman. I don’t believe it for a second but she totally made me blush in her brief appearance. And good lord! Hathaway is absolutely rocking her When In Rome look.

And there’s the magnificent money shot of the Batwing. It looks pretty cool here but I’m slightly skeptical of its overall preposterousness in the entire film.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer was extremely pleasing both visually and from a fans’ standpoint. The chanting works with the quick glimpses of attacks, fights and everything else so well and we got just about everything we could want to see while still not spoiling the plot. It’s going to be an extremely long seven months until we get to see it but I’m confident it’s going to be all we expect and more. Now Bale should just retire from acting because there’s no other role he could play that would make me happier. Except perhaps, my husband.

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