Image's Invincible Guest Stars in THE TICK #100

Invincible Guest Stars in THE TICK #100

The Tick is reaching issue #100 in March 2012, and Invincible is showing up to celebrate the occasion.

As revealed on The Tick writer Benito Cereno's blog, issue #100 pairs New England Comics' The Tick with Robert Kirkman's Image Comics character, Invincible. And though it's technically an intercompany crossover, Cereno is certainly familiar with the world of Invincible, having written back-up stories in several early issues of the series.

The Tick #100 will also contain the 20-page feature "The Saga of The Tick," recapping the character's 99 previous issues.

Here's the solicitation information:



We celebrate the 100th issue of The Tick with a 48-page full-color blockbuster co-starring Robert Kirkman’s INVINCIBLE! In a full-length 24-page epic, Invincible is transported to The Tick’s Universe where the two mighty heroes confront the combined threat of the master criminal Chairface Chippendale and a mysterious and menacing new villain who makes even Chairface look like an ordinary umbrella stand! A story so awesome that it requires two planets (and at least one moon!) to contain it! Added bonus: THE SAGA OF THE TICK, a 20-page full-color history of The Tick’s illustrious career, heavily illustrated with covers and selected artwork from all 99 previous issues of THE TICK!

Writer: Benito Cereno Artist: Les McClaine

Cover price $6.99

Saddlestitch, 48 pages Color text, color covers

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