Jason Aaron Talks His Final WOLVERINE Arc, Starting in #300

Update, 1:45 p.m. eastern: Jason Aaron's long run on Wolverine is ending in the near future, with the story starting in January's Japan-set Wolverine #300.

"As we enter 2012, it's kind of a time of transition for me," Aaron told Newsarama during Marvel's "Next Big Thing" conference call Thursday. "PunisherMAX is ending, which I've been doing since the beginning. Scalped is about to end, which I've done for 60 issues. It seemed a good time to end some things I've been doing for really the whole course of my career. People seem to like my Wolverine stuff, and you want to leave while people still feel that way, rather than stay a year or two too long."

Aaron will remain writing the character in Wolverine and the X-Men, and indicated that elements from his run would carry over into that book.

"It's not all just going to go away," he said. "That said, this arc will wrap up some of the storylines I've been dealing with for a while."

The story will introduce a new Silver Samurai — the son of the original — and also include Sabretooth, who as previously announced will be brought back to life courtesy of Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi (the same team that killed the character off in the "Evolution" story).

"Sabretooth is kind of all the things that's wrong with Wolverine himself," Aaron said. "It's a lot of fun to write the two of them together. The only time I've really written Sabretooth before was when he was in hell, and he didn't really talk much."

For more on Wolverine #300, check out our live coverage of the press call below.

Original story: The fourth (and final — we think) Marvel conference call of the week focuses on Wolverine, a title that's soon celebrating its 300th issue. On the line talking to the assembled comic book press? Series writer Jason Aaron and Marvel editor Jeanine Schaefer.

Courtesy of Marvel, we have several covers and interior images from Wolverine #300, which you can peruse in the "related images" gallery.

Things are scheduled to start around 1 p.m. eastern. Follow along with live coverage right here:

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