Slott Talks AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: 'Ends of the Earth'

Update, 3:50 p.m. eastern: First teased this past October at New York Comic Con, Amazing Spider-Man story "Ends of the Earth" starts in March with issue #682, Marvel announced Tuesday.

The six-part story will depict a global strike on the part of Dr. Octopus and the Sinister Six. It was first revealed that Doc Ock is dying back in Amazing Spider-Man #600, and he now has "weeks" to live in comic book time, series writer Dan Slott said.

"He is going for the world," Slott said during Marvel's conference call with the comic book press. "This is it. This is Otto Octavius's big grab for the greatest master plan of all time."

Unlike the recently wrapped "Spider-Island" story, "Ends of the Earth" will be contained to Amazing Spider-Man, with no tie-ins. The first two issues and last two issues will be illustrated by Stefano Caselli, with an as-yet unannounced artist on the middle section.

"This is a lynchpin kind of story, and you need somebody like Stefano on board," Slott said. "I've been looking at the first issue all day. When people see the art they're going to freak."

For more from the conference call, read the recap of our live coverage below. And for some new art — including interior pages from Amazing Spider-Man #682 — check out the "related images" gallery on the right.

Original story: Tuesday brings the second mysterious Marvel "Next Big Thing" conference call of the week, set to announce another project scheduled for debut in March 2012.

On Monday, Marvel announced the new creative team of Astonishing X-Men — writer Marjorie Liu and artist Mike Perkins. What are they going to talk about today? Who's going to be on the line? We don't know the answers to those questions — yet — but based on the art sent over, it certainly looks like the topic is Amazing Spider-Man story "Ends of the Earth."

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