Marv Wolfman's NIGHT FORCE Returns at DC Comics

DC Comics is publishing a new miniseries by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Tom Mandrake in March 2012, but it may sound familiar to Wolfman fans. Night Force debuted in the Wolfman-written New Teen Titans #21 in 1982, with each incarnation featuring sorcerer Baron Winters gathering teams to combat the supernatural.

Originally, the team featured a descendant of Van Helsing, the famous monster hunter; if that's still the case, this group could certainly be clashing with Frankenstein and his crew, already established in the DCnU.

"This new Night Force story takes place over hundreds of years, but happens in the space of minutes," Wolfman said on DC's publicity blog The Source. "It is about a frightened young woman, the product of many generations of secret manipulations, a cop who is about to retire from the force and a cold case investigated by his dead FBI father many years before, a mysterious cult that is affecting the future but began on the night George Washington died, and a secret that will change the course of mankind forever."

Of note, The Source post states that Night Force is a seven-part miniseries, and the solicitation says six issues. Look for an interview with Wolfman talking the project coming soon on Newsarama. Here's the solicitation for the first issue:





On sale MARCH 7 * 32 pg, FC, 1 of 6, $2.99 US * RATED T

Marv Wolfman reimagines his classic adventure series for the new millennium!

There's a conspiracy under way that's been going on for hundreds of years. One determined cop has unknowingly scratched the surface and suddenly finds himself summoned to Wintersgate Manor. But this chilling menace may prove to be too big even for Baron Winters.

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