Zenescope Exclusive Teaser: JUNGLE BOOK (Updated)

Zenescope Exclusive Teaser: JUNGLE BOOK

Update, 12/20: Whoops, scratch what we said earlier. This is actually the final Jungle Book teaser from Zenescope, this one featuring some primates, a snake and a dude in a red-and-white striped shirt (not Waldo). Presumably, more information — like creative team and release date — is coming next.

Update, 12/16: The week ends with the third and final teaser for Zenescope's Jungle Book, and this one breaks from tradition by depicting a scantily clad male. It's got the same tagline as the other two, "Things Get Wild."

Update, 12/14: Wednesday brings another Jungle Book teaser from Zenescope, and we can confirm that, despite our guess earlier, this character — the one with the short, green-ish hair — is their scantily clad Mowgli.

Original story, 12/8: The latest literary classic to be adapted in the distinct fashion that only Zenescope can? Well, based on this teaser — and especially the filename of the image — it appears to be Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, the noted collection of stories including the tale of man cub Mowgli.

Except this time around, Mowgli looks to be a scantily clad female (insert your own "Bare Necessities" joke here). This is actually one of four connecting images, and we'll have the other three here as well in the near future.

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