Joe Harris Replaces Gail Simone on FURY OF FIRESTORM

FURY OF FIRESTORM Creative Team Shake-Up

The Source, which states that Ethan Van Sciver remains as a co-writer, and is providing the interior art for a two-issue story starting with March's issue #7. Simone is keeping her post as writer of Batgirl.

Past writing credits for Harris include Ghost Projekt at Oni Press, Vampirella at Dynamite, Slingers at Marvel and DC one-shots including Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat.

Newsarama last talked to Simone on The Fury of Firestorm in an interview published on Nov. 22. This move is the latest in a string of DC creative team changes, including Tom DeFalco replacing Fabian Nicieza on Legion Lost, announced earlier this week.

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