VIDEO - 'Star Trek' Writers Boldly Go ... to the Beginning

Robert Orci & Alex Kurtzman - co-creators/writers/executive producers of J.J. Abrams' new Fox television series Fringe - recently sat down for Fox Movie Channel's Life After Film School to discuss the program.

But the pair also pulled double-duty as the co-writers of Abrams' Star Trek feature film relaunch. In this exclusive excerpt from the program, the writing team discusses why they went back to beginning to tell the story of the first meeting of the original U.S.S. Enterprise crew.

The Kurtzman and Orci episode of Life After Film School premieres on Fox Movie Channel Sunday, August 31 at 7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT), with repeat airings throughout September. In the full episode the duo discuss how their partnership grew out of a college creative writing class, continued on the writing staff of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (where they eventually became show runners), and now their collaborations with J.J. Abrams including Fringe.

Click right here to view the video.

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