Word Balloon: Brad Meltzer on 'Last Will'

Word Balloon: Brit Invasion Panel

Sorry, in this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, best selling author Brad Meltzer has nothing to say about his upcoming novel, The Book Of Lies, in stores Tuesday Sept 2nd from Grand Central Publishing.

But he'll tell us all we want to know about his one-shot out today from DC Comics, DC Universe: Last Will and Testament , his Eisner winning issue of Justice League of America #11, and his upcoming arc on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight from Dark Horse Comics.

In addition there's a new Meltzer TV rock 'n roll drama in the works set in the late 1960's, and he also also discusses with us his theory - that Jerry Siegel 's dad's 1932 murder was the inspiration for Superman.

Brad did promise to return to Word Balloon next week, to discuss The Book Of Lies.

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