Tom Brevoort on Marvels: Eye of the Camera

Brevoort on Marvels: Eye of the Camera

Originally announced, well, half a decade ago, Kurt Busiek’s follow up to Marvels was re-announced this past weekend at Toronto Fan Expo. Eye of the Camera starts hitting store shelves in December. The original story featured painted art by Alex Ross, but with his blessing, this sequel will have a new artist, Jay Anacleto. While the story will feature big Marvel moments like its predecessor, the focus is more on the overall Marvel Universe. We talked with editor Tom Brevoort for an update on the project, and what fans can expect come December.

Newsarama: So, it's been five years since the original announcement of this book (announced as coming early 2004), and 15 years since Marvels. Was there a particular reason for the 5 year delay?

Tom Brevoort: It took us five years to get enough material completed so that we’d feel confident in the release schedule.

NRAMA: Was it easier for a revisiting-continuity book like this to be held off until all or nearly all of it was complete before shipping? Was there talk at any point of just releasing it as a graphic novel from the get go?

TB: The financials on releasing a series like this as a graphic novel first don’t really make sense for us—it’s much more financially viable to do the serialized run first, and then collections afterwards. But the fact that the series was set apart from modern-day continuity was absolutely a benefit when the release schedule needed to be revised.

NRAMA: Is the story shipping the same as the original announced one, that is, covering roughly 1973 to 1989?

TB: Yes, it’s exactly the same story.

NRAMA: When re-visiting past events, how deeply involved do you have to get as an editor to make sure the writer and aritst aren't straying too far from the source material? Is it a different editorial experience from your standard monthly comic?

TB: It’s Kurt, so he really knows his stuff in general, thus this isn’t something I need to worry about all that much. Btu as a general rule, when doing one of these backwards-looking projects, I do tend to go into them with a great deal of accumulated knowledge myself. There are times when we might tweak a less-important detail for the sake of the modern story, but for the most part we try to make everything line up properly with the original books. It’ll definitely be that way with Marvels: EOTC.

NRAMA: This is set to start shipping in December now. Is it all set for a monthly schedule from there?

TB: Two issues in December, and monthly from there on.

NRAMA: Do you feel interest in a follow up to Marvels is high enough to make this a hit?

TB: Marvels continues to be one of our best-selling, perennial collections—that’s the whole reason Bill Jemas first wanted to get a sequel going six years ago, back before we even had a fully-fleshed-out collections division. Based on that regular demand, if the series is done well, I expect that people will turn out for it. The timing is also good for nostalgia about the comics of the 70s and 80s, just as it had been for the original Marvels and nostalgia about the books of the 60s.

NRAMA: How about for people that haven't read the first one, does this stand on its own?

TB: Yes, like the first series, you can pick this book up and have no problem following it.

NRAMA: Marvels was initially unique because it offered the ground-level everyman's view of the Marvel Universe. That's something that has become more common in Marvel books of late, especially in the event companion Front Line books. Does that take away from a project like this at all?

TB: I don’t think so, all it does is point to the tremendous impact that the original series had in terms of the way people view their super heroes now. Like the first Marvels, Eye Of The Camera focuses on Phil Sheldon, and what point his life is at while all of this larger super hero stuff is going on. So you’ll get Phil’s very specific perspective on these events, and a direct follow-up to the original series in terms of where the character is now.

NRAMA: What are a couple specific events fans can look out for that will re-appear in this book?

TB: The debut of the Punisher, the coming of the monsters such as Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing, Sue Richards files for divorce, the death of Elektra, Fall of the Mutants, Secret Wars II and more.

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