Marvel Touts Return in FANTASTIC FOUR #600 [SPOILERS]

Marvel Touts Return [SPOILERS]

***This article contains a major Fantastic Four #600 spoiler! Proceed with caution!***

This week's Fantastic Four #600 brings not only the return of the "Fantastic Four" title, but also the original lineup — meaning that Human Torch is back from the dead.

Word first broke via an article from The Associated Press, with Marvel later releasing a press release containing the news. In the AP article, Marvel senior vice president of publishing (and Fantastic Four editor) Tom Brevoort clarified that the Human Torch was indeed dead.

"Yes, he did die. He died a couple of times," Brevoort said in the article.

The Human Torch died in January's Fantastic Four #587, the conclusion of the Jonathan Hickman-written "Three" storyline that promised the death of an original cast member. Following an aftermath issue in Fantastic Four #588, the title was relaunched as simply "FF," standing for "Future Foundation." That series will continue to run, parallel with Fantastic Four, with both written by Hickman.

Fantastic Four #600 debuted in print and on digital platforms today with 96 pages of new content, all written by Hickman.

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