HUGO an Enchanting, Engaging Surprise for All Ages

HUGO an Enchanting, Engaging Surprise

'Rama Rating: 10 out of 10

Going into Hugo, you may not know much of what the film is about. The trailers have been nebulous, merely showing the titular boy and a world full of clocks and gears, and that's definitely intentional. You see, Hugo is about dreams come to life, and like a dream, you'll be sad when it's over.

It's almost embarrassing for the rest of humanity how talented a director Martin Scorsese shows he is with this film. It's an absolute delight, a truly "all ages" movie, and it will capture your imagination from the very first scene. The story, based off a book by Brian Selznick (read our interview with the writer here) tells of an orphaned boy with a knack for fixing things, and how he helps all the people around him find their purpose in life while also finding his own. That's all the story description you need, as getting to experience the story fresh really is part of the appeal here.

The acting in this film is enchanting, especially that of the young actors Chloë Moretz and Asa Butterfield. We seem to be in a renaissance of young acting talent right now, and Moretz makes a case to be the leader of this revolution. She steals every scene she's in, but also manages to accurately support those she shares the screen with. Leading lady and consummate support rolled into one is hard to find, and especially rare in a fourteen year old. Butterfield, likewise, shows an innate wisdom; he manages to be innocent and invite the audience into his innocent eyes as he explores this nearly-magical world. He also leads the cast and audience into self discovery, and that's where he shines.

There's comedic relief, mostly at the hands of Sacha Baren Cohen, who has his own soft moments as well. There are dreams and allegories, happiness and tragedy; it's a truly remarkable mix of themes, story-telling, and feelings, and all on a relatively simple backdrop of a Parisian train station.

You may find it difficult to discuss exactly how this film makes you feel, and that's okay, as it tells you. Perhaps it's easiest to do a free association of words like beautiful, engaging, surprising, enchanting, love-inspiring, wonderful… it would be easy to go on and on with similar words. This is a film to take your child to, a film to take your parent to, your grandparent, your friend, your significant other; basically, if you are or know a human who is alive, you and they will enjoy this fantastic movie. Go see Hugo and see what it is to dream, to love, to live.

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