Who Do VOODOO? Ron Marz Out, Josh Williamson In as Writer

Who Do VOODOO? Marz Out, Williamson In

DC Comics has confirmed to Newsarama that Joshua Williamson will be taking over writing duties on Voodoo beginning with January's issue #5.

Ron Marz had previously written the series, which launched in September as part of DC's New 52 relaunch. Marz was originally solicited as the writer on issue #5, but the writer indicated to Newsarama that the script he submitted to DC for that issue will not be used.

Sami Basri, the current artist on Voodoo, will continue on the comic despite the writer change.

Williamson already writes DC's video game-related comic Uncharted, which launched in October. Williamson's recent comics work includes back-up stories in issues of The Incredible Hulks, and a fan-favorite issue of Superman/Batman last year where Supergirl teamed up with Damian Wayne.

The writer has also been active in independent comics, including last month's all-ages hardcover comic Sketch Monsters from Oni Press and the current ongoing comic XenoHolics from Image.

Williamson broke into the comics business several years ago with his comic from Desperado Publishing, Necessary Evil, which told the story of a high school for supervillains. In 2009, television rights to Necessary Evil were picked up by Cartoon Network.

This isn't the first creative shake-up from DC since it introduced the DCnU in September. During the first month of the relaunch, it was announced that J.T. Krul would leave Green Arrow after issue #3, and John Rozum would leave his role as co-writer on Static Shock. Then the news broke that George Pérez will be leaving Superman in March.

Voodoo #1 was among several DC titles released in September — along with Catwoman #1 and Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 — that were the subject of heated debate when their initial issues were deemed overly sexual by several internet bloggers.

Only two issues of the title have been released so far. Voodoo #3 will be released Nov. 23rd.

Newsarama contacted Marz about his departure, and he released the following statement:

"The only thing I was told was that they wanted a different direction for the book. I had a 10-minute phone call with the outgoing editor, who gave me the news. I asked what direction they wanted, but since the editor was leaving staff the next day, he didn't really know. So that's all the information I was given. I haven't heard from anyone else, beyond a call from the book's new editor to work out details on my last issue.

"I have to admit, I was pretty surprised, since I'd been making the revisions and changes that had been requested by editorial as the book evolved. But it seems like they want something other than what I was giving them. Obviously I'm disappointed that I won't get to continue the story we began telling, and I'll certainly miss working with the art team of Sami Basri and Jessica Kholinne, who are doing amazing work on the series. I wish them and the new writer much success as Voodoo moves forward. I still feel like the New 52 was a very bold and positive move for DC, and for the industry as a whole, and I'm glad to have been a part of it."

When asked, a DC representative did not explain why Marz was no longer writing the title.

Stay tuned to Newsarama as we gather more information on this breaking story.

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