Marvel's Ultimate Line to Offer Free Digital Download Codes

Ultimate Line to Offer Download Codes


Marvel's Ultimate line will soon offer a free digital copy with purchase of a print comic book, ComicsAlliance reported Thursday.

This news comes a day after the release of Avenging Spider-Man #1, the first Marvel release to offer such a deal. Like that comic, the Ultimate books will come polybagged so the download code can't be copied and used without purchase of the comic.

Marvel senior VP of digital Peter Phillips and senior VP of sales David Gabriel indicated in the ComicsAlliance article that if these trials are deemed a success, it might continue to expand throughout Marvel's publishing line.


"As long as people start using the codes, that's the best way for them to show us that they like this program," Gabriel told ComicsAlliance. "And then that's one of the better indications for us as to whether we want to roll it out more."


The Ultimate titles will begin to ship with download codes starting in January, with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6, Ultimate Comics X-Men #7, and Ultimate Comics Ultimates #7. The codes will be redeemable on Marvel's iOS and Android apps, plus the publisher's Google Chrome platform.

In an interview with Newsarama published on Wednesday, Gabriel stated that Marvel will make two announcements about the expansion of the program this week, so it looks like there's more news to come.

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