Steel Debuts in ACTION COMICS Backups Starting in December

Steel Debuts in ACTION COMICS Backups

Steel is coming to Action Comics, DC confirmed on Tuesday via official publicity blog The Source.

That much was already known — John Henry Irons, Steel's civilian identity, appeared in Action Comics #2 and a Steel backup was solicited for December's #4. Yet the details have changed. Originally solicited as a story by writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Matt Camp, the backup in Action Comics #4 is by writer Sholly Fisch (The All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and artist Brad Walker, late of Marvel's Heroes for Hire. In their blog post, DC describes Fisch as "Grant Morrison’s hand-picked choice."

As of Action Comics #4, the main stories of the series will run at DC's standard 20-page length, with backups at eight pages each. The current schedule is for #4's Steel story to be followed by a Ma and Pa Kent by Fisch and artist Chriscross (Supergirl) in issue #5, with the same pair returning for issue #6. Fisch and Walker are back on as of issue #7, and Action Comics #8 will be a "big issue-long epic" by Grant Morrison and series artist Rags Morales, with no backup.

The art seen here is by Walker, featuring Steel's "prototype" armor, as designed by Morales. Action Comics #4 is on sale Dec. 7.

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