Marvel-Supported NOOK Tablet Announced

Marvel-Supported NOOK Tablet Announced

Marvel Comics will be a part of the new Nook Tablet, Barnes & Noble announced Monday morning.

Though exact details on what will be available on the device is not yet publicly available, Marvel emphasized "graphic novels" in favor of single issues in their official press release, specifically listing Civil War, Invincible Iron Man, Captain America, Thor by JMS, Astonishing X-Men, New Avengers and Marvels.

"We’re excited to bring Nook customers the largest available digital collection of graphic novels from Marvel Entertainment," said Theresa Horner, Barnes & Noble’s Vice President of Digital Content in Marvel's official statement.

The news comes just a little more than a month after DC's announcement that 100 graphic novels would be digital exclusives to Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet. In response, Barnes & Noble pulled the print versions of those graphic novels from their brick-and-mortar locations.

Graphicly, already a Nook content provider, announced today that Charmed from Zenescope, In Maps and Legends from UnWrecked Press, Impaler from Top Cow, Harker from AAM Markosia, Midnight Nation from Top Cow and Die Hard: Year One from Boom will be available on the Nook Color and Nook Tablet.

The Nook Tablet will be available starting on Nov. 18 for $249. Marvel has a large presence in Barnes & Noble's official promotional material for the device, advertising, "Popular comics including the largest colleciton of Marvel graphic novels with vivid colors & rich images, the action nearly jumps off the page. Your issues always in perfect condition to enjoy again and again."

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