Spencer & Cloonan's VICTOR VON DOOM Canceled Before Release

Nick Spencer on Teen VICTOR VON DOOM

Word circulated Friday that Marvel miniseries Victor Von Doom has been canceled by the publisher before the first issue has been released.

The news first appeared on sites such as Kabooooom and was later confirmed by Nick Spencer, the writer of the series. On Twitter, Spencer wrote, "I see word is out about VICTOR VON DOOM. Trust me, no one is more bummed about this than I am. Really proud of the scripts and hope to get to work with [Becky Cloonan] sooner rather than later."

Victor Von Doom #1 was scheduled to run for four issues, with #1 due out on Nov. 30. The series had been solicited through issue #3, scheduled for January. The original editor for the miniseries was Alejandro Arbona, who was let go from Marvel last month in a round of layoffs.

The series, written by Spencer and illustrated by Cloonan, aimed to tell the story of teenage Dr. Doom in college. Newsarama's interview with Spencer on Victor Von Doom is here.

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