Marvel To Go Same-Day Digital For All Titles By March 2012

Marvel To Go Same-Day Digital

All Marvel Comics releases will be available digitally the same day as the print product by the end of March 2012, Gizmodo reports.

In an announcement made exclusively to the tech blog, all of Marvel's titles will see same-day digital release on the publisher's various digital platforms, with the exception of licensed books such as Stephen King's The Stand and the company's mature readers MAX line.

The news seemed inevitable given recent moves by Marvel — moving their Spider-Man titles to same-day digital release as of this summer's "Spider-Island," and the X-Men books as of the current "Regenesis" era — and with DC offering same-day digital release for all of their "The New 52" titles as of the Aug. 31 launch of Justice League #1.

Marvel's Ultimate line has been released same-day digital since early this year. The publisher first experimented with same-day digital release in June 2010 with Invincible Iron Man Annual #1.

In an interview with Newsarama this past July, Marvel senior VP of digital Peter Phillips said the publisher was "certainly not shying away from day and date" releases, though they had yet to make an announcement at that time beyond the Spider-Man and X-Men titles.

Archie Comics became the first publisher to go same-day digital release for their entire publishing line in January of this year, along with offering digital comics for $1 less than their print counterparts. So far, every Marvel and DC same-day digital release has had the same price for both products, though DC comics drop from $2.99 to $1.99 after a month.

Last month, Marvel announced that new series Avenging Spider-Man would launch with polybagged download codes for a free digital copy with each print issue purchased. At New York Comic Con, Marvel representatives intimated that the program could spread to other books if this initial test is deemed a success.

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