COMICS by comiXology Top Grossing iOS App 7 Weeks in a Row!

comiXology Top Grossing iOS App 7 Weeks

The Comics by comiXology App is the top-grossing App in iTunes for the seventh Wednesday in a row, the digital comics leader announced today. The free application topped paid applications and other in-app-purchase content alike for nearly two months, driven by sales of increasingly available same-day digital comics.

The second place App, Apple's own Pages, costs $9.99. To top that, users have to be purchasing $9.99 worth of comics after downloading the free application on average each Wednesday. The DC Comics App powered by comiXology was also ranked in the sixth spot this Wednesday, with the Marvel App from comiXology coming in at 24.

Exact numbers on these downloads are not released publicly, but seven weeks in a row clearly shows interest in digital comics. Whether this is just hardcore fans trying comics in a new way or new fans trying them for the first time is nearly impossible to tell. The increased availability has increased the amount of downloads, with DC's line-wide same-day digital showing some results.

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more on the digital comics leader and how the industry continues to grow.

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