DEVIL'S DUE Hosts New Digital Options for Kindle, iOS, More

Devil's Due is bringing their digital wares to just about everything this fall, they announced in a pair of press releases. The releases will come via their own apps and others, and will appear on the Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook, iPhone, and Android-powered devices.


Over 130 graphic novels are available now on the Kindle Marketplace, readable via Kindle devices, iPad and Android apps, and the web-based Kindle Cloud Reader. These titles include Dracula vs King Arthur, Voltron: Revelations, and Arsenic Lullaby: Pulp Edition, amongst others featured in the release. Devils' Due Digital is also in the iBooks store with over 80 titles currently available, as well as in the NOOK store and apps.

In addition to the big push for e-readers, Devil's Due Digital has released 50 individual series apps in the iOS App Store. The apps themselves are free, and each issue in them is priced at $0.99. Devil's Due Digital is also presenting digital versions of Bluewater Productions' comics. These are in addition to the company's catalogue's availability in the, comiXology, and other apps, and will eventually be pulled together into the Devil's Due Digital app coming early 2012.

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