FEAR ITSELF #7 Fraction, Brevoort Q&A: Ask YOUR Question!

Best Shots Extra: FEAR ITSELF #7


The seven-issue run of Fear Itself is now complete, and though the aftermath will continue to be felt for months to come, the conflict between Marvel's superheroes (joined by quite a few non-powered civilians) and the Serpent's forces has come to a close, and it's filled with just as much drama and noteworthy happenings as you might suspect.

Read the issue? Got some pertinent questions on the finale or the series as a whole that you might want to ask series writer Matt Fraction, or editor and Marvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort? Well, hey, guess what: We're talking with both of them imminently for the latest (and final!) installment of our Facing Fear Q&A column, and we've got two ways you can submit your questions to be asked during the interview.

Option #1: Head over to Newsarama's official Facebook page, find the accompanying Fear Itself #7 questions thread, and ask there. (Surely you know this already, but please be polite and keep it on topic.)

Option #2: Log on to Twitter (like you weren't checking it every two minutes already), and tweet Newsarama with your question and the tag #RamaFear. This is better for shorter questions, because of the 140-character limit. If you're worried your question might have been asked already, good news! You can read them all here:

So read the comic, head over to Facebook or Twitter and ask some questions, and while you're at it, check out past installments of Facing Fear:

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