Marvel Teases DOC OCK's Return in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Marvel's latest teaser goes to the Amazing Spider-Man. In 2012, Doctor Octopus will be returning to wreak some fresh havoc on Peter Parker.

Doc Ock is a solid villain for the newly science-focused Spider-Man, as his intellect has always been his chief weapon. Well, that and those super-strong nigh-indestructible metal arms.

The teaser says the story will be "Ends of the Earth." Perhaps after being confined to Manhattan in "Spider-Island" Peter will be taking more of a worldwide approach to his adventures. It's interesting to note as well that Doc Ock's arm is covering up the "S" making it look more like "End of the Earth." What threat is Otto Octavius bringing this time around? Find out in 2012! Official Marvel text (such as it is) below.

Ends Of The Earth!

Coming in Amazing Spider-Man, 2012.

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