Marvel's 'Venom Event' with Remender and More - LIVE!

Update: Venom, X-23, the Red Hulk and the new, female Ghost Rider are teaming up in a February story in a story that, at this point, Marvel's only calling "The Venom Event."

The arc, announced Wednesday during Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" press conference call, will run for six issues, starting with February's Venom #13, then continuing on in Venom #13.1, #13.2, #13.3 and #13.4, concluding with March's Venom #14. The first and last parts are by the familiar creative team of writer Rick Remender and artist Tony Moore, with Jeff Parker (Hulk) and Rob Williams (Ghost Rider) joining on the middle sections, along with artists to be announced.

The story is set in Las Vegas, and is intended to be something of an update of the early '90s "New Fantastic Four" story that starred the Grey Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine and the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. The villain of the piece went unrevealed during the call, though Remender said the story starts with Captain America sending Red Hulk to hunt down Venom.

"This feels to me like a whole new section of the Marvel Universe, with four visually interesting characters," Remender said during the conference call. "Being able to create new things around them as well, instead of just pulling out the same things we've seen a million times — I've already got a notebook of future ideas based on how excited I am by it."

For more details, read our live coverage of the conference call below:

Original story: Here's what we know about Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" conference call with the comic book press, set to start at any minute: writers Rick Remender, Jeff Parker, Rob Williams and editors Jeanine Schafer and Steve Wacker are all scheduled to be on the line, and based on the art released to the press, it certainly appears to involve a crossover of sorts between Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, Venom and X-23.

We can't confirm anything else at this time, but we do have live coverage here:

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