Hey, That's My Cape! NYCC 2011 Wrap-Up

Hey, That


San Diego Comic-Con...I mean, New York Comic Con was a blast this year! My hometown show is always a treat. (Mostly because I don’t have to go anywhere but I still get to see all my friends.) NYCC always had a different feel to it than any other con for a variety of reasons but this year it seemed to take on a life of it’s own. I was there all four days and I know for a fact there were several areas of the convention floor I never even got close to.


That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that I feel like I missed a lot because of the size and the fact that nothing was in the same place it was the previous year. I barely made it to any panels because I got stuck trying to see everything on the floor. I did get to spend quality time with friends though and to me, that’s one of the best parts about cons. I hit up the Bonnie Burton/Katie Cook Draw Star Wars panel which technically killed two birds with one stone because I’m friends with both talented ladies and wanted to see what it was all about. This one took place on kids day at the con which meant the audience was filled with adorable mini-Star Wars fans all of whom the panelists kept thoroughly entertained. One of my favorite drawings? Hipster Obi-Wan with Fat Anakin and Cook’s own Gronk.


The other panel I attended was the Womanthology spotlight. The panelists were all editors on the soon-to-be IDW published anthology but several contributors managed to make an appearance in the audience. Being one of them I already knew all about the book but it was great seeing it introduced to those in the audience who were new to the project and hearing the editors talk about their own experiences working with us. I know it was a pleasure and an absolute thrill getting to work on Womanthology but it was great that the editors thought so as well. I also got the chance to meet several of those on the book, both editors and creators, for the first time but the best thing I took away from it all was that I wasn’t the only one freaking out about my work. The editors all had stories of creators they worked with who asked if their work was “ok.” The editors were shocked we all thought our work was just “ok” and made sure to express to everyone that they didn’t need to worry. If you don’t already have this book on your to-buy list, I think it’s safe to say you should add it there.


The whole convention was pretty great but for me, the highlight of this year’s NYCC came on the first day. That’s when I got a chance to talk to Felicia Day while she was waiting to head into the Newsarama skybox for an interview. We talked for a few minutes until I finally introduced myself and found out she knew who I was. I tried to conduct myself in a normal manner while inside I was squeeing like a fangirl. The funny thing is that I met so many people over those four days who are just as big of fans of me as I am of her. Great meeting you all by the way!


I decided to keep it low key for cosplay this time around, especially since I went all-out in San Diego a few months ago. If you saw me on Friday you may have noticed me sporting a rather unique look. I was half Oracle/half Batgirl. Most of you know by now that I’m a redhead and in a wheelchair but my friend Jeff Roberts (the Darkseid in my Female Furies group) gifted me with an amazing stylized Batgirl costume at SDCC and I couldn’t wait to wear it. Since I was going to be in my chair most of the day anyway I decided to pop on my Oracle glasses and be both. I was walking around with the female Spider Jerusalem that day so we wound up taking lots of pictures.


Saturday was a tough undertaking because I put together a rather large group again. This time I decided to portray all eleven Doctors from Doctor Who but as women. I called us the FemmeDoctors and for those who knew the show, it was pretty spectacular. We had a few hiccups with last minute cancellations but managed to pick up who we were missing at the giant Doctor Who cosplay meetup on the show floor. I’d say around 125 people at least were dressed up in some type of Doctor Who costume and we spent over an hour trying to gather everyone together for pictures. My group even got to talk with the Nerdist crew so hopefully we made it into their video. The only downfall to this group was trying to walk the show floor on the busy Saturday and the Classic Who Doctors not being recognized without the entire group. Other than that, I had a blast as I did with my group on Sunday. We repeated the Classy Lanterns from SDCC two years ago but this time with black and white. Unfortunately our White Lantern had to bow out early but we got some nice compliments anyway.


Overall, this year’s NYCC was a great show. I guess if I had anything negative to say it would be that it’s getting too big. They want to grow of course so I can’t really fault them for that but I liked it when I actually got a chance to see everything and everyone I wanted. For the most part, the aisles seemed significantly wider this time around but there also seemed to be more people filling them up.



Other highlights of this year’s show? The Geek Girl Network party on Saturday night. Lots of nice people showed up, many who I’d never met in person before and it just had a fun atmosphere overall. It’s always interesting to meet folks you’ve talked with online for years in person. I also really loved seeing everyone else’s costumes this time around. I felt like people really stepped it up. My personal favorite was the guy who dressed as Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element, not only did he have the costume perfect but he was in character all day. I also saw a magnificent Red Lantern Bleez, complete with bone wings and two ladies dressed as Dex-Starr. I hung around artist’s alley on Thursday before many of the creators showed up and I only managed to get one sketch. My plan was to retire my current sketchbook at this show and I think it’s safe to do that now. My one sketch? Oracle by Tim Sale.

See you next year NYCC?

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