The Voice Speaks: KEVIN CONROY on BATMAN


Warner Interactive and DC Entertainment know that fans are excited about Batman: Arkham City, shipping today for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and they held a launch event in New York City's Time Square Toys R' Us store to celebrate. Of course, attendees were excited to get their hands on the game a day early, but they were also excited to get to meet Batman himself, Kevin Conroy.

Conroy has been voicing Batman for twenty years now, since Batman: The Animated Series. He keeps coming back to the character, and credits the fans for that.

"I don't know if fans understand the power that they have with the studios!" Conroy told Newsarama in a one-on-one interview. "It's show business, the most important part of that is business. When they hear from fans what they want, they give it! I'm not discounting entirely what I do; something in my performance elicited that response from the audience. But it's the audience response that makes them higher certain actors!"


Conroy also took a look back at the origin of the voice he uses for Batman.

"I was completely naive about the Batman legend. Only thing I knew was the 1960s Batman television series. …Bruce Timm said 'no no no, forget about the TV show, that's not it. Think of film noir, of psychodrama.' …So the voice for me wasn't something that I imposed from the outside, 'oh this would be a cool sound.' The voice for me came from inside. The more I thought of the pain and the darkness, the deeper and huskier and more intimate sound came out."

Watch the video below to see and hear Conroy change instantly into the voice of Batman, his contributions to the character, and even answer a question completely in-character!

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