JIM LEE Teases Justice League, New 52 at Arkham City Launch

JIM LEE Teases Justice League, More


DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee was one of the featured guests at the Batman: Arkham City launch event at Toys R' Us in Times Square Monday night, and spent some time with Newsarama talking games, comics, and everything in-between.

A gamer himself, Lee was very excited about the game finally coming out. He told us how the Rocksteady Studios development team worked closely with DC Entertainment to make sure the game was authentic.

"Paul (Dini) wrote the storyline, Carlos D'Anda was one of the designers on the game, who brought his own distinctive look into the Batman World. John Morgan, Tory Session, and Sean Kittleson from DC Entertainment also worked very closely with the Rocksteady guys to make sure that all the lore was consistent with the world of Batman, while they freely adapted the world of Batman," said Lee.

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He went on to point out the slightly altered looks of the villains in the game, and how it's fun to see them move into a different "slightly tweaked" style for this other medium.

The DCE Co-publisher hopes the game will bring people into comics, too, and spoke of the Arkham City comic book, which came out in a unique way.

"This was a one of a kind project. We did the Arkham City comic book that ties in the storyline from Arkham Asylum into Arkham City, and that was written by Paul Dini, and then we also had exclusive digital shorts which were 99 cents, short looks at different villains, those came out in-between the print issues. We normally would publish the hardcover many many months after the periodicals would come out, and in this instance we thought that having the hardcover edition available in time for the game would be great," Lee explained. "We really want to make the biggest bang at that moment. It allows fans to come in, check out the comics, check out the digital comics, buy the hardcover, download the collected edition, buy the game, and really experience the world of Arkham City in all those different ways.

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Of course, Lee isn't just co-publisher, he's also the artist on the flagship title Justice League of drawing Batman again in the book, he explained that it's actually quite different than his last couple of efforts.

"It's interesting, it's a different take on Batman, he has a slightly different costume. And when you draw Batman in his own book, you light him and the entire set kind of dark and full of shadows. When you put him in Justice League, it's not the world of Batman, it's the world of Justice League, so he's a little more brightly lit than you'd usually see him."

What's coming up in Justice League? Lee gave us a few little teases.

"Issue 4 has a bunch of sharks, which is awesome. Lots of people dig sharks! Every issue layers on a new character. We start with Batman and Green Lantern, issue two has the Flash and Superman. Issue 3 is Wonder Woman, and issue 4 is Aquaman and Cyborg. So, it's been a lot of fun bringing these characters in, and seeing how the dynamics change with each additional character. So to me it's not just drawing the stories, it's telling the stories with Geoff. I get a big kick out of drawing these first interactions!"


But what about that strange mysterious Hooded Woman in all the New 52 first issues?

"She's a character that we obviously placed in all the books to create a sense of mystery. When we did the New 52 we wanted to put something in to tie them together without saying 'hey you have to buy every book to know what's going on.' So if you bought one book or all 52, you hopefully notice that there is this mysterious character, and it's seeding a future storyline. I think that's the right way to do it, and the storyline we have… it's a new character that's going to be added to the DC Universe, and that's the spirit of the New 52. It's really about introducing new characters, new elements, new story lines to the DC Universe, and she is one of the first!"

For more from Lee on Batman: Arkham City and what it's like to draw the Justice League, watch the full video, embedded below!

Batman: Arkham City is in stores on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 now!

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