George Perez Wanted to Leave SUPERMAN, Still Penciling at DC

George Perez Wanted to Leave SUPERMAN

According to DC, current Superman creator George Pérez wanted to leave the title after his initial six issues, and Newsarama has confirmed that he'll now be penciling a different project for DC.

Originally, Pérez was believed to be moving to the position of inker on Superman after Dan Jurgens begins penciling with issue #7. (Pérez already inks Jurgens' pencils on the current Green Arrow comic.)

But instead of inking Superman after Keith Giffen and Jurgens take over, Pérez will be penciling something else for DC that is yet to be announced.

"George is going to be moving on to do some penciling work at this point," Jurgens told Newsarama during New York Comic Con. "And it looks like Jesus Merino, who's currently inking the Superman book, will be staying on to work with us. That's how it's looking right now."

Although some fans have theorized that Pérez was asked to leave the title, Superman editor Matt Idelson implied that Pérez ran out of steam after his first six issues were finished. "Sometimes there's enough gas in the tank and sometimes there's not," he said of the creator's exit.

Idelson said that once Pérez got Superman off to a strong start, he wanted to move on to something else.

The implication that Pérez had exhausted himself somehow on Superman isn't surprising, since his first issue was noticeably heavy on story and art. The week it was released, Newsarama used the headline, "Is Superman #1 a record-setter?," saying the issue may have "packed the most panels, dialogue and exposition into one standard-sized comic book issue ever."

"If issue #1 is any indication, he may create the effective equivalent of a good full year's worth of your garden variety storytelling in his six issues," Newsarama said when the issue was published.

There's no indication whether the new penciling gig will be part of the DCnU's relaunched titles. Before Pérez was on Superman, he was working on the New Teen Titans: Games hardcover graphic novel, published in September, which reunited Pérez with his former Titans collaborator, Marv Wolfman.

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