AVENGERS Meets PREP & LANDING In Disney/Marvel Crossover



The characters of Prep & Landing are crossing over with superteam The Avengers in a short comic story, marking the first true Disney/Marvel crossover since Disney purchased the comic book publisher in 2009.


First announced this past Saturday at New York Comic Con during Marvel's "Cup O' Joe" panel, the short will run as a back-up feature in November's Avengers #19, Super-Heroes #20 and Spider-Man #20 (the latter two books are part of Marvel's all-ages line). The story is written by Prep & Landing co-director Kevin Deters and illustrated by animation story artist Joe Mateo, with a plot involving Wayne and Lanny of the elf squad readying Avengers Mansion for Santa's arrival. 

The first Prep & Landing TV special debuted on December 2009, with a sequel, Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice, scheduled to air on ABC on December 2 of this year.

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