Chris Yost Talks X-Men: Kingbreaker

Chris Yost Talks X-Men: Kingbreaker

This weekend at Fan Expo 2008, in Toronto, Marvel revealed the upcoming release of X-Men: Kingbreaker, a four issue mini-series which serves as a sequel to X-Men: Emperor Vulcan and part of the build-up to War of Kings . Written by Chris Yost, Kingbreaker finds space-faring X-Men Havok, Polaris, and Rachel Grey pitted against Vulcan (the recently discovered bother of Alex and Scott Summers, Havok and Cyclops of the X-Men) who is now fully entrenched as the ruler of the Shi’ar. At the end of X-Men: Emperor Vulcan, the Shi’ar were celebrating victoriously with their Emperor as he stood over the captured X-Men and Starjammers.

Set to be start in December, with the artist yet to be named, Newsarama contacted Chris Yost to talk briefly about Vulcan and his adversaries in X-Men: Kingbreaker.

Note - art is from X-Men: Emperor Vulcan 

Newsarama: Chris, just timelining things out here, X-Men: Kingbreaker picks up where X-Men: Emperor Vulcan left off, correct?

Chris Yost: It's the direct sequel to Emperor Vulcan, and picks up about two months later; and what an exciting few months for our heroes, as you'll see. But that said, anyone coming into the series for the first time, we kind of explain everything as we go. Plus, recap page!

NRAMA: How does this mini tie into War of the Kings--and what can you tell us about this upcoming event?

CY: This mini sets up Vulcan for the excitement to come, it sets the board so to speak. And I can tell you that War of Kings is huge. Huge!! I love the cosmic stories, but this one tops them. But details, no. There are kings. War is made. That's about it.

NRAMA: As readers saw at the end of Emperor Vulcan, Vulcan has imprisoned Havok and the rest of the Starjammers; what does he have in store for them?

CY: You'll catch up to Havok and the Starjammers in issue one. They've been up to a lot of pain. Some screaming. More pain. Psychological torture. Physical torture. One big question is why hasn't Vulcan just killed them? Vulcan has some family issues. For instance, like when he killed his dad.

NRAMA: Have readers seen the last of the Scy'ar Tal? Do they appear in the new mini?

CY: Vulcan's brutal eradication of the Scy'ar Tal cemented his rule as the Shi'ar Emperor. As far as we know, he got them all.

NRAMA: Gabriel Summers is an uber-baddie the level of Magneto--or is he? Is he past the point of redemption?

CY: Oh, he's an uber-baddie, but very different than Magneto. If you go back and read X-Men: Deadly Genesis and “Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire” Vulcan could have very easily been the classic Marvel hero. He could have taken the bad hand that life gave him, and like his brothers, become the hero. He tried - he was an X-Man. But he was lied to, manipulated, left for dead... and he snapped. Instead of rising above it, he sunk below... and became a villain.

Is he redeemable? He's killed his father. He annihilated a race of aliens. He's tortured his family. I'm going with 'no.' He's not going to join up with the X-Men and years later share a beer with Wolverine over that one time he killed Corsair and tortured Havok.

NRAMA: Has the Marvel Universe and its readership seen what Vulcan is really capable of yet?

CY: Not by a long shot.

NRAMA: Are Havok, Polaris, and Rachel going to continue to be exiled in space for the time being?

CY: While 'exiled' may not be the right word, they'll be operating in space for the immediate future. They could have gone home after “Rise and Fall.” They probably wish they had, actually.

NRAMA: These books have a uniquely dysfunctional family dynamic; care to discuss? Vulcan seems to dislike Rachel Summers in particular...

CY: I'm a huge fan of the Summers family, and I love that one of them went crazy insane and became a villain. Not like 'hanging out with the Goblin Queen' or 'semi-possessed by Apocalypse' villainy, but wholly sociopathic, full on villainy.

You'll see in Kingbreaker that while Vulcan has some very obvious goals, something else is weighing heavily on his mind... his family. And yes, he doesn't care for Rachel, something that's only going to get worse.

NRAMA: The Shi'ar are on the rise to greatness again...this wasn't a bad thing with Lilandra--but now...

CY: Lilandra had her moments. Like when she almost wiped out the Kree. But on the whole, her rule was pretty peaceful. D'Ken tried to end the universe. Vulcan's rule is probably the most aggressive yet. And the Shi'ar people love it.

NRAMA: Are there any particular story elements or plot developments that readers should focus on in the upcoming story?

CY: Vulcan's actions do not go unnoticed by the rest of the universe.

NRAMA: Anything short, sweet, and cryptic that you'd like to add, Chris?

CY: Havok and Vulcan are at the forefront, but keep an eye on Polaris, Marvel Girl and Korvus.

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