NYCC 2011: DC All Access: SUPERMAN Panel

NYCC 2011: DC All Access: SUPERMAN Panel

The DC All-Access Superman panel featured a lot of new art for Superman and Action Comics as well as the second volume of Superman: Earth One, Volume 2.

The panel also confirmed what Newsarama reported first: Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen will be the new co-writers for Superman beginning with issue #7, with Jurgens providing pencils and former writer George Pérez taking on inks.

Included on the panel were:

Dan Jurgens (Superman)

Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One)

Matt Idelson (editor)

Mahmoud Asrar (Supergirl)

Mike Johnson (Supergirl)

The room was about half full for the panel, which may be because Grant Morrison didn't make it to New York Comic Con. The structure was similar to other DC panels this week, with creators taking the stage to talk about their comics one at a time. And with very few fan questions at the end.

Superman: Earth One artist Shane Davis took the stage first, and it was announced that the second volume of the book will be released in fall 2012.

"Real men wear their underwear on the outside," Davis laughed as an image of his Superman was shown, complete with the traditional red pants. He said the book will explore how strong this Superman is, and where his jurisdiction begins and ends. The book will also "tackle his love life."

"I'm really happy to see that everyone took to Earth One Superman," Davis said, laughing about even seeing an Earth One Superman HeroClix. He said he struggled with what he could do to top the first volume, which was a New York Times bestseller.

He said Volume 2 will have "sex and violence." "Romance and adventure have always been two strong aspects of the character," he said. "This will still be PG-13. It won't be too much. But we are trying to make it more modern."

Pages were shown where Superman is stopping a tsunami. Shane said the page was being drawn before the tsunami recently hit Japan, just so fans know it wasn't influenced by that event. Superman is confronted by a dictator who wants him to leave, and tells Superman that he will sever an arm off one of his citizens every hour until Superman leaves. Superman has a tough decision to make, and he knows the world will turn against him if he takes out the dictator -- so he ends up flying away.

"Everyone walks away from conflicts and wonders what you could have done or should have done," Davis said. "That will come into play later in the book.

He said Parasite drops down into New York and grows into a size that is bigger than Doomsday. He said Parasite won't be a glutton as much as power hungry. He said it's like an addiction to power. "We took everything in Earth One down to its lowest common denominator, and built it up from there," he said. "It's still true to the character's basics, but it's different."

There are three giant fight scenes with Parasite in the book.

Davis said Clark's article that gave him a leg up in the Daily Planet will give him a lot of problems in the second volume.

Superman editor Matt Idelson took the stage. A cover for Action Comics #5 by Andy Kubert.

Idelson said Kubert is drawing interiors for issue #5. Gene Ha is working on issue #3, drawing scenes from Krypton.

Pages from inside Action Comics #3 were shown. Idelson said people continue to be afraid of Superman because he's an alien. The art shown had a Steel Soldiers suit, and Idelson said it's different from what people expect.

Pages were shown that included Jor-El and Krypto, who looked really large and menacing.

Mike Johnson and Mahmoud Asrar took the stage to talk about Supergirl. "We're really relaunching her in a way that other books in the New 52 aren't," Johnson said. "As you know, we're keeping the circumstances of her arrival a secret. That's something we're going to play out over the first few issues of the book." He said they're creating a whole new history for her.

The cover was shown to issue #5. Included were towers from Argo City. She goes from Argo City to Siberia.

Issue #2 pages were shown, and it includes the first time Supergirl meets her cousin, Superman. "There's a certain distrust," Asrar said with a laugh as a slide was shown where Supergirl punches Superman.

"She's actually stronger than Kal-El," Idelson said. Johnson said, "She came out of that pod ready to go, as people noticed," he said.

The beginning of the second issue starts on Krypton, Johnson said, then it moves to Earth and establishes the new status quo for the relationship and distrust between Superman and Supergirl.

Idelson talked about Superboy and said the character is "more different than just about any other characters in the New 52." Superboy is not hip or snarky or funny. "He's a blank slate learning how to be a human being. It's a painful process for him, and it will be a painful process for the people around him, physically," Idelson said.

The Nowhere organization "isn't sinister" and it ties into something else that "we'll see in a couple of months," Idelson said.

Fan questions were taken by DC editor Ian Sattler, who walked around the room with a microphone:

- Will Doomsday show up in Superman's world? Idelson: Not soon. "I don't know if we have a spin on him yet that we feel comfortable with."

- Will the comics address which old stories are still in canon? Idelson: Yes, we're going to get to that. It's more interesting not to address everything right away. Jurgens: With the New 52, the fans should be excited to see what's coming rather than trying to figure it all out right away.

- Is there a fear of alienated Superman readers with a reboot? Idelson: That's always a danger, but the character had gotten so convoluted that DC decided to hit the reset button. "It's the same character, but not the same," he said. "I hope people will be excited about it."

- Is Superman: Earth One an Elseworlds tale? Davis: The book is treated more like the way the films or TV shows are. It's not considered "Elseworlds," but more just another story about Superman.

- Will we see Supergirl and Wonder Woman go at it? Johnson: I really hope so. I would love to see it. Asrar: I would love to draw that. It would be amazing.

- Which books of the New 52 do you like?

Jurgens: He talked about the "comp box" that came in September, and he said he was talking to other DC creators, and they were surprised to admit they were reading everything from the comp box. And that's usually not the case.

Asrar: The last few months have been really, really busy, so I haven't read any of the books except Supergirl. But I'm looking forward to every one of them. All of them look great to me.

Johnson: I liked Justice League Dark.

Idelson: I've known where all the books are heading, and I really like the breadth and diversity. There is something for everybody.

Davis: Superboy. He said he's coming on with issue #3 or #4 as a cover artist. He said he'd like to see The Atom get a 52 book.

- Will more Kryptonian stuff show up? Idelson: Not right away, but give us time. Jurgens: What we're trying to do is come up with new stuff, instead of going back and re-using old villains and telling new version of old stories.

- Will there be any more Flashpoint stories? Doubtful.

- Why is George Perez being replaced? Idelson: He had a story he wanted to tell. "Sometimes there's enough gas in the tank and sometimes there's not," he said. Idelson also said there was another project Perez wanted to do, so once he got Superman off to a strong start, he wanted to move on to something else.

- How long will the jeans costume last, and when will the Jim Lee version show up in Action Comics? Idelson: It has a definite end point. I don't want to give away when. "This is a proto-Superman," he said. "There's a definite life span to it."

- When is the red-hooded woman from all the issue #1's going to come back? Sattler: Read the books. (Newsarama readers: Geoff Johns told Newsarama that her story would be handled in Justice League.)

- How do we know all this "52" stuff will stick, while Superman's death and the electric blue costume weren't? Jurgens: We never said the death and the electric blue costume were permanent. Sattler: This time, it's permanent. There's no back door button built in. Johnson: There's a connective thread through all of this. The history of Supergirl, even in the original Crisis informs what we're doing now. No other medium can do this. It all matters.

Idelson pointed out that, "I don't think the Star Trek guys got this much grief."

- Will "Nowhere" from Superboy introduce the new Gen 13? Idelson: I can't answer that.

- Since people don't like Superman, how are the other heroes going to deal with it? Are they upset with him for the same reasons people are? Idelson: You'll get the answer to that in Justice League because it's the only other book that's set 5 years ago and can deal with it.

- Will there be any back-up stories in the Superman books? Idelson: Not yet.

- What's going to happen with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in the new Superman books? Jurgens: We have the wedding of Lois and Jimmy special planned for 2013 (joking). There will be more supporting cast members added. Lois and Jimmy have already been refashioned, and we look forward to playing with that. Johnson: We plan to bring Jimmy into Supergirl. Idelson: The biggest change is that Jimmy is a serious character, instead of a goofy buffoon.

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