NYCC 2011: Jim McCann Warns MIND THE GAP, New Image Ongoing

Jim McCann Warns MIND THE GAP

We’re just one day into New York Comic Con and the announcements are already flying hot and heavy. Today’s 4pm Image panel  brought news of a new creator-owned ongoing series from Return of the Dapper Men writer Jim McCann and Morning Glories cover artist Rodin Esquejo, with colorist Sonia Oback.

Titled Mind The Gap, this new series follows the survivor of an attempted murder attempt who tries to piece together the information to find out who tried to kill her. The thing is, she’s in a coma with her body bound to a hospital bed and her mind wandering in the wide open. It’s a whole new kind of murder mystery that McCann describes as X-Files meets Twin Peaks where the main character is, in effect, Laura Palmer.


With plans to launch the series this April coinciding with C2E2, McCann talked with Newsarama to explain the whos, the whats and the hows with this whodunit.

Newsarama: So Jim, what is this new project you’ve been teasing all week long?

Jim McCann: It's something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I had a germ of an idea that just exploded one day and I couldn't NOT write it. The book is called Mind The Gap, a title with many layers of meaning.

Newsarama: Let’s dig into that; what’s Mind The Gap about?

McCann: Here's the basic premise, leaving out some of the surprises you'll discover along the way. ;)

Ellis (Elle) Peterssen finds herself in a preternatural state after an incident involving a subway platform and a mysterious hooded figure. She must work fast to solve an apparent attempted murder...hers! But there's just one little snag, she's in a coma! When she "awakes", she starts asking some obvious questions: Who am I? Why is my body lying in a hospital bed? Who are all these people who keep visiting and talking to me? Elle's mind is separated from her body...and she has no memory! She has to fill in the gaps of her mind based on what she sees and hears from her bedside visitors, piecing the events together and then trying to find a way to stop her attempted killer from trying again. This is "X-Files meets Twin Peaks " in an action-packed, mind bending whodunnit, where everyone is a suspect...and almost no one is as innocent as they seem.

Nrama: Now that the news it out, when can we expect the book to come out?

McCann: The first issue will be coming out by C2E2 (in April), but you'll be seeing some interesting things around Mind The Gap before then. Wha? How? Wait and see!

Nrama: One thing I can’t wait is to find out what format is this in. Is it a mini, an ongoing, a one-shot, or what? 


: It's an ongoing that has a definite beginning, middle, and end. It has a ton of twists, and just when you think you know what's happening, we turn everything on its ear and something new throws everything you thought into question. We can run for years, but I absolutely know where this is all going. I even have a giant flow chart! LOL.

Nrama: Your work on The Return Of The Dapper Men was amazing for the work inside the pages and the work you did promoting it a long time before it was released. What do you have planned, promotion-wise, for this book?

McCann: Have you met me? I can't turn OFF the promotion machine side of my brain! We'll be doing a LOT of promotion as we build up to the launch, for both fans and retailers.

Nrama: You’re working with artist Rodin Esquejo on this, who people know from his cover work on Morning Glories. How’d you hook up with him to do this book?

McCann: We'd bet a few times but at Comic-Con International: San Diego this year, he came by Christina Strain's table, which was next to mine, and I just sort of did something unlike myself- I walked right up to him, handed him my email address and said "I want to work with you. Seriously." I knew he was the perfect artist for this book. And Sonia Oback is more than just an amazing colorist. These two are working BEAUTIFULLY in lockstep on this. Your jaw will drop when you see this book.

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