Marvel Unveils a Mysterious "Teaser" Trifecta

Marvel's latest 2009 teaser

Friday evening at the Toronto Fan Expo, Marvel Comics unveiled what looks to the latest in a series of teaser images for a yet-revealed 2009 projects or projects related to the X-Men Universe in some way.

This new image, like the previous two, is in black and white with spot color, and features a man in a tuxedo and a red carnation on his lapel tossing what seems to be tossing playing cards into the air. In addition to the red carnation, the gentlemen's left eye features a hint of red.

This one is a little more explicit than the previous ones, however, as it's accompanied by the copy, "have I ever heard of Jean Grey?"

To recap, previous images in the seeming series (also released at earlier conventions), feature a woman (whose eyes appear to be green) holding a handgun and a man who appears to be wearing red glasses also holding a handgun with the word "2009" written on the barrel.

Both images feature the letter "X" in them. You can check them all out, including the new one, by clicking on the images on your right.

Does this new image add enough to the picture to hazard more guesses?


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