Field Guide: The Great Fables Crossover

1200 pm: Telltale Games has long history of translating comic book properties to video games. From their long running Sam & Max series (3 seasons!) based on Steve Purcell’s loved comics, their video games based on Jeff Smith’s beloved Bone comics to games, to the translation of indie comic book legend Graham Annabel’s comic work Grickle into their award winning Puzzle Agent series, Telltale has a proven track record of translating panels into pixels in a unique way that truly captures the spirit of the source material. With a strong foundation of creating independent games based on independent comic books, Telltale is once again applying their core competencies of story and skillful game execution to translate Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series into a video game this Winter, as well as a game based on Bill Willingham’s Eisner award winning FABLES coming in 2012. Join the team as they talk about the process of translating the hottest comics into amazing video games and get a sneak peak at the premier of exclusive art, assets, trailers and announcements for The Walking Dead and FABLES video games from Telltale. Panelists will include: Telltale’s Dave Grossman - Design Director, Jake Rodkin - writer & designer and Sean Vanaman - writer & designer along with gaming & tech journalists Evan Narcisse -, Stephen Totilo -, Scott Alexander - Playboy and Dan Ackerman - Moderated by Tech journalism’s go-to freelancer Tracey John, this is one panel no comic book or video game fan should miss.

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