NIGHTWING Confirmed in Batman: Arkham City, Robin Priced

NIGHTWING Confirmed Batman: Arkham City


Batman: Arkham City
comes to stores in one week, on October 18, 2011, and the first two DLC packs have been announced and detailed today. The first, coming November 1, 2011, introduces Batman's first protege, Nightwing, into the mix. Nightwing will have unique gadgets and weapons, and is playable in all the challenge maps, including two new maps in the pack. His pack will also include a Batman: The Animated Series skin, in addition to the one shown here.

Likewise, the third Robin, Tim Drake, who is a launch-exclusive at Best Buy in the United States and Gamestop in the UK, will be available in a DLC pack to all on November 22, 2011. Robin has unique gameplay and his signature quarterstaff, in addition to multiple costumes.

Both packs of downloadable content will cost $6.99 on PlayStation Network or 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

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