Andy Kubert Joins Grant Morrison on ACTION COMICS in 2012

Andy Kubert ACTION COMICS in 2012

DC announced Sunday on their official publicity blog The Source that Andy Kubert is illustrating Action Comics #5 and #6.

The issues, written by regular series writer Grant Morrison, will guest star the Legion of Super-Heroes. DC hints that Krypto, whose New 52 status had been unclear, will also make an appearance.

Kubert will be temporarily replacing regular series artist Rags Morales on the issues scheduled for release in January and February. Most recently, Kubert illustrated the five-issue Flashpoint miniseries that served as a transition point to DC's "The New 52" relaunch.

Last week's Action Comics #2 featured five pages drawn by Astro City artist Brent Anderson, with the majority of the book illustrated by Morales. DC states that Morales will return after Kubert's two-issue stint.

[Newsarama note: The above image is from the variant cover of 2006's Action Comics #844.]

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