ARDDEN/Atlas December 2011 Solicitations

ARDDEN/Atlas December 2011 Solicitations



Writer:  Tom Peyer

Artist:  Jimbo Salgado

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 24 pages

The history-making crossover continues here!  The Grim Ghost, Phoenix, Wulf the Barbarian, Sam Lomax and some familiar faces find themselves battling a time-travelling villain in this epic new storyline that has been over 35 years in the making!



Writer: Brendan Deneen

Artist: Eduardo Garcia

Price: $3.99

Full Color, 24 Pages

Ardden Entertainment's third story arc in its critically-acclaimed Flash Gordon run continues! Ming’s forces attack every major city on the planet!  The American government is helpless against him!  Flash and his allies are on the run!  Hope is quickly running out!  How can our heroes survive, let alone win?!



Writer: David Parkin

Cover Artist: Alex Sanchez

Penciller: Allan Jefferson

Inker: Jonas Trindade

Colorist: Diego Tapié

Full Color, 24 Pages

Price: $3.99

Tensions rise as the sun sets in Dreary. After banishment, Jack and Tino are separated from the satchel that holds their future. They must make a decision: Either walk away, or return to Dreary where Marshal has promised a swift and painful retribution if he catches them.



Writer: Wayne Gardiner

Pencils: Maria Cristina Francisco

Inks: Larry Tuason

Cover: Gonzalo Ordoñez Arias

Full Color, 24 pages

Price: $3.99

Forester princess Eloa and friends Kaeli and Daniel explore a hidden cave and are confronted by a Dracon named Bellua, who reveals a magical scroll that foretells an upcoming invasion that can only be stopped by reuniting all the tribes.  Regrettably, invasion is closer than any of them imagined!



Writers: Tony Isabella & Stephen Susco

Artists: Kelley Jones, Eric Layton & Chris Summers

Full Color, 160 Pages

Price: $19.99

Thirty-five years in the making! The Fringe is the place between life and death... and Michael Cavallaro is its newest occupant.  As Michael begins to learn the nature of The Fringe from Matthew Dunsinane... better known as The Grim Ghost, we also learn about The Grim Ghost's history, which spans all the way back to the Revolutionary War.  And we learn also about his centuries-long battle with Braddock, a powerful force within the Fringe.  The fates of these three men... these three souls... will come crashing together, with the entire existence of both the living... and the dead... at stake!  And waiting in the wings is nothing short of a battle between Heaven and Hell.  The critically-acclaimed Atlas series is collected here for the first time, including all six issues, exclusive content, and the hard-to-find #0 issue!

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