DC Updates NEW 52 Sales: EVERYTHING Sells Out, 11 Over 100k

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DC Comics has updated their sales numbers for the first full month of the New 52, and as expected, the publisher has announced all new titles shipping this week have sold out at the distributor level before they go on sale and will be going back to press for 2nd printings, which means every one of the 52 #1's have sold out and are getting second printings.

As always, "sold out" at the distributor level means retailers have ordered all copies from Diamond DC Comics has printed. It does not reflect in-store retail sales to customers.


DC also announced this week's Aquaman #1 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis is the 11th title out of the 52 with retailer sales (i.e. orders) of more than 100k. It joins Justice League, Action Comics, Batman, Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, Detective Comics (retailers love their Batman), Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern.

Justice League and Action Comics have now been joined by Batman as titles with over 200k in retailer sales.

Additionally, Justice League #1 has received four printings, and Action, Batgirl, and the Justice League #1 Digital Como Pack have all received three printings. 

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