Superarticulate: New DC COMICS Toys For Kids of All Ages

Superarticulate: New DC COMICS Toys

As we begin the run-up to the holiday shopping season (hey, don’t blame me; Target already has Christmas displays tucked behind their Halloween section), it’s a good moment to check out some of the comic-related offerings that will be arriving some at mass market. Some items have already landed. Let’s cover DC today, beginning with the younglings first . . . 


The biggest item of interest for comic fans and their kids has to be the resdesigned Batcave. Though it hit a few months back, it’s sure to be part of the holiday push in this line. Standing several inches taller than the previous iteration, and sporting a light-up Bat symbol, the new Cave also boasts a space on which you can hang the Batwing. Also in aisles for the line are two newer additions to the character selection: Killer Croc (here redubbed “K. Croc” for the kiddies) and Catwoman.

K. Croc comes with an Everglades-style fan-boat (clever), while Catwoman comes with a cat (naturally), a whip, and a very nicely sculpted cat-themed motorcycle. Catwoman is the first female in the Imaginext DC line; we hope that her inclusion paves the way for Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl, among others. In fact, a Wonder Woman/Invisible Jet combo should be a no-brainer, as the transparent plastic jet sculpt already exists, having been used for both Green Lantern and Robin.

Unfortunately, some of the other new Imaginext highlights won’t hit until 2012. These include the Gotham City Jail (with Bane), the Joker Tank, and a new motorized Batmobile. 


Heroworld DC Super Friends:
The other Fisher-Price DC brand managed to get Green Lantern and Arctic Batman out this year. However, they’re going big on the figure/vehicle packs before Hawkman and Cyborg drop in 2012. These include a Green Lantern jet with Hal Jordan (SRP: $33), Tomar Re with a space-style vehicle, and Kilowog with a repainted Batcycle.


Little People:
Those with the tiniest sidekicks might be interested in the Little People offerings, also available now. Wonder Woman and Batgirl have actually made it to this line, along with Joker, Batman, Superman and GL. There are figure two packs, a Little People DC Super Friends Batcave playset, and more products in the “Wheelies” expression, including a Play n Go Batcave.  

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Justice League Unlimited:
Moving up to the older collectors, the JLU line has hit closing time. Pulling back to for the final days of its big run, the biggest release arrives in November. That would be the exclusive seven-figure set that, for all intents and purposes, finishes off the figural representations of the animated line-up. In this set, you’ll find: Dr. Mid-Nite, The Creeper, Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Gypsy, Crimson Avenger and Speedy (whom you’ll recall helped out the League in the episode “Patriot Act”). Many collectors will certainly miss this line, which at one time got the widest swath of DC characters we’d ever seen into mass market outlets. 


Batman Legacy:
Though the first assortment (Batman, Mr. Freeze, Joker) is in stores now, the second (Golden Age Batman, Batgirl, Catman) should hit before the end of the year. Golden Age Batman with Batmite is a K-Mart exclusive.

DC Universe Classics: Again, already in stores in this year’s five-pack, which features the Crime Syndicate. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart raised the five-pack price this year a steep $20. That’s right; whereas the 5-packs of the two previous holiday seasons checked in at around $54.96, the Syndicate will set you back $74.88. Granted, that’s mathematically plausible, as the individual figures run about $15 a piece, but it still stings.


Also in striking distance before Christmas will be the penultimate wave of this line, Wave 19. The JSA themed wave includes Stargirl, Magog, Kobra, Golden Age Atom, Golden Age Hawkman, Sandman and a C+C S.T.R.I.P.E. The final wave, 20, hits in 2012, and it gives way to a NEW line that’s said to be comparable, but feature the designs that hail from the New 52. 


Young Justice:
The 6” Red Arrow and Aqualad should be here any minute. Locally, this line seems to be having trouble moving, possibly due to the price point of $10 for the 4” figures and $20 for the 6”.

We’re going to pause there for today and put this question to you for discussion at Twitter and Facebook. With the New DC line happening in 2012, what would be YOUR first assortment? What six characters in their new looks would YOU want to see?

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