"Spider-Island" wraps in October, but before the situation — that being a virus infecting citizens of Manhattan first with spider-powers, and then causing mutation into spider-like creatures— gets resolved, Misty Knight's crew gets involved in the Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire one-shot.

It's a comic that looks to be especially significant in the history of the series, as it's the de facto last issue of the series that launched last December before being rebranded as Villains for Hire in November. And while "Spider-Island" has brought plenty of lighthearted moments — Frog-Man and a webslinging J. Jonah Jameson — this tie-in looks to take a much graver approach to the affair.

Newsarama caught up briefly with ever-busy co-writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning — as is their custom, answering collectively as "DnA" — about the tone of the one-shot, transitioning between Heroes for Hire and Villains for Hire and the work of Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire artist Kyle Hotz (The Hood, the upcoming Destroyers miniseries.

Newsarama: Dan, Andy, by the time the one-shot hits in October, "Spider-Island" will have been plaguing Marvel's Manhattan for about two months. What can you say about the part that Heroes for Hire plays in the ongoing storyline?

DnA: It’s the sort of part they usually play: they get drawn in as professional troubleshooters, to try and help handle the situation.

Nrama: And not only are the Heroes for Hire playing a role in "Spider-Island," it looks like "Spider-Island" will have a great affect on Heroes for Hire. It's the last issue under that name before Villains for Hire debuts in November — can we conclude that this one-shot act as a transition of sorts from series to another?

DnA: It does. Events are quite traumatic and will leave a mark. VfH also grows from the HfH continuity too (though new readers will not be left in the dark!).

Nrama: Heroes for Hire has had a rotating cast throughout the series — which characters show up in the one-shot?

DnA: Falcon, Paladin, Misty, Silver Sable, Black Cat, Luke Cage...

Nrama: Speaking of the cast: Spider-Man himself is obviously at the center of "Spider-Island," and he played a big part in Heroes for Hire recently. Does he pop in at all in the one-shot?

DnA: Spidey is central to the whole event.

Nrama: Compared to an event like Fear Itself, a lot of the "Spider-Island" tie-ins have been fairly lighthearted, like the Avengers one-shot from a couple weeks back. How would you describe the tone of Spider-Island: Heroes for Hire?

DnA: Dark. Very dark. Like Assault on Precinct 13 (original version) meets Dawn of the Dead. With spiders.

Nrama: Kyle Hotz is illustrating the one-shot — he's got a rich background illustrating bizarre creatures in comics, so how is he taking to rendering a city full of spider-mutated New Yorkers?

DnA: Awesomely. Amazingly. Spectacularly.

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