Tom Peyer Unites Revamped Characters in ATLAS UNIFIED

ATLAS UNIFIED United Revamped Characters

A year ago at New York Comic Con, Ardden Entertainment debuted their Atlas Comics revival with Phoenix #0 and Grim Ghost #0. This year, the revamped characters are gathering for the first time in Atlas Unified #0, debuting at next month's convention.

The subsequent miniseries will be written by Hourman and Legion of Super-Heroes writer Tom Peyer, and illustrated by Jimbo Salgado. According to the official press release, the series will star Phoenix, Grim Ghost, Wulf and "several surprise stars," and involves time travel, familiar territory for Peyer. Issue #1 is scheduled for November.

The original Atlas started in 1974 by Marvel Comics founder Martin Goodman and lasted only a year, but was notable for attracting talent including Neal Adams, Steve Ditko and Howard Chaykin. Ardden announced their revival of the concept, with Goodman's son Jason on board as CEO, last September.

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